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[Linphone-developers] Video receive\send buffers\birate control, h264.

From: Станислав
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Video receive\send buffers\birate control, h264.
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 13:31:53 +0300
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I have found recently a thread about h264 new features - ( I'm trying to use these new features. With them its possible to get <100 ms delay in video calls.
But there is some problems, and main is: buffers and packet sizes.
Is it possible to reduce(or remove) receive\send buffers in linphone and where we set video packet size(its set to 1440 by default ?) ? As you can see from thread above buffers are not needed if "single-frame VBV" and "Periodic Intra Refresh" features of h264 are used. With "slice-max-size" we can set slice size to packet size and so buffers are not needed because every packet received = frame. Also i can see there is code in linphone that can reduce bitrate of video if we get 10% frame loss...but there is no code to increase bitrate to its original value...?

When starting call i can see that bitrate is limited to 1500, where is code that set's that ? Can't found it.. :<

Second question - is it possible to make linphone write debug messages to log file ? Because it is really hard to debug it while watching debug windows (that don't have auto-scroll btw).

last - is it possible to make linphone to go fullscreen mode(windows with video) when video call is established ? And how i can add 50% transparent buttons to video-window(so button is on top of it and i can see video thru it) ? Like "End call" button (for touch screen use)? Help me please :<

p.s. sorry for my bad english and thanks for help!

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