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Re: [Linphone-developers] Choppy sound on Android

From: Alexander
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Choppy sound on Android
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 10:55:24 +0300

  Hmm, it's very strange. I've checked the application on HTC Desire with 3G network - eveything is almost fine (sometimes sound is a bit noisy and stutter, but it's unavoidable, I suppose). With Wi-Fi, situation is awful - sound disappears for a long time and/or stutters very often. It seems that there's an issue with our Wi-Fi network (or, maybe, MTU setting problem - it's now set to 0).

2010/11/30 Jehan Monnier <address@hidden>
Well, we cannot guaranty liblinphone works in real time on the emulator. But on HTC desire with GSM codec, it must.
Do you have the same traces from the HTC desire ? Also you can look at top (adb shell top) to make sure an other process is not eating cpu .

Le 29 nov. 2010 à 14:19, Alexander a écrit :

  For now I can provide complete logcat's dump for one call (see attached file). If some additional info or debugging options are required, please let me know.

  I asked about git repo because it noticed differences in debug output and event handling in sources.

2010/11/29 Jehan Monnier <address@hidden>
Hi Alexander,

Late ticks can explain choppy voice, but not with only one.
Can you provide us with more traces ?
Regarding git repo, the version from git is the latest.

Jehan Monnier

Le 29 nov. 2010 à 13:36, Alexander a écrit :

Hello all!

I try to use liblinphone (sources are downloaded from git) in my Android project and encounter the following problem: incoming sound is choppy, sometimes it completely disappears (but if remote side speaks non-stop, everything is fine). We use GSM codec, comfort noise is disabled. When call is active, logcat shows the following messages:

11-29 12:25:41.783: WARN/AudioFlinger(31): RecordThread: buffer overflow
11-29 12:25:38.142: WARN/mediastreamer(637): Audio MSTicker: We are late of 60 miliseconds.

It this ok? I encounter this on both Android Emulator and my HTC Desire.

By the way, I noticed that liblinphone from git-repository differs from liblinphone included in apk-file. The one in apk is more recent (it's API slightly differs)?
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