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Re: [Linphone-developers] Intercapt microphone path

From: Andre Courchesne
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Intercapt microphone path
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 12:02:16 -0400

Hi Simon,

  Thanks for the pointer.

  So If I want to create my own filter (let's name it filter_andre), I guess I 
just have to add my C file and add filter_andre.c in (in 
libmediastreamer_la_SOURCES) and it will be compiled-in?

  Also looking at chanadapt.c. In the function adapter_process. I guess that in 
the for loop used for the conversion *(int16_t*)im->b_rptr represent a single 
byte of raw data ?


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On 2010-09-28, at 11:11 AM, Simon Morlat wrote:

> Hi Andre,
> I think you need to implement a new mediastreamer2 filter to work on the
> stream.
> And then you could insert your filter just after the sound reader
> filter.
> See in mediastreamer2/src/audiostream.c, near line 359:
>       ms_connection_helper_start(&h);
>       ms_connection_helper_link(&h,stream->soundread,-1,0);
>       if (stream->read_resampler)
>       ms_connection_helper_link(&h,stream->read_resampler,0,0);
>       if (stream->ec)
>               ms_connection_helper_link(&h,stream->ec,1,1);
>       if (stream->volsend)
>               ms_connection_helper_link(&h,stream->volsend,0,0);
>       if (stream->dtmfgen_rtp)
>               ms_connection_helper_link(&h,stream->dtmfgen_rtp,0,0);
>       ms_connection_helper_link(&h,stream->encoder,0,0);
>       ms_connection_helper_link(&h,stream->rtpsend,0,-1);
> This code builds the following processing graph (when software echo
> canceller and resampler are not needed, which is the case on the
> iPhone):
> MSAuRead-->MSVolume-->MSDtmfGen-->MSMulawEnc-->MSRtpSend
> The 'soundread' filter just output raw 16 bit samples, so you can work
> on them before they are transmitted to next filter.
> If you need an example on how to build a mediastreamer2 filter, you can
> have a look at mediastreamer2/src/chanadapt.c . This is probably the
> simplest filter in mediastreamer2. Its purpose is to convert an
> interleaved stereo audio stream to a mono audio stream and vice-versa.
> Best regards,
> Simon
> Le dimanche 26 septembre 2010 à 20:22 -0400, Andre Courchesne a écrit :
>> Hi,
>>   I need to modify the iPhone version of Linphone in such a way that  
>> I can do a process on the microphone input data prior to that data  
>> going through the rest of the Linphone path.
>>   The process I need to do on the data is fairly simple but I need to  
>> do it on uncompressed data and dta that had not gone through the coded  
>> process.
>>   Any hints on where in the code I could insert my code or a hook?
>>   Thanks,
>> Andre
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