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Re: [Linphone-developers] Linphone and G.722 Wideband codec

From: Simon Brenner
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Linphone and G.722 Wideband codec
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 13:26:20 +0200
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Hey everyone,

I've come a step further in developing the G.722 plugin. It's working for me 
now at least for
incoming calls!

If you want to try it, download and build the repository:

Here's a direct link to the latest version:

There's only one thing that I have to patch in Linphone. I do that in a script 
file which is also to
find in the repo.

Maybe this is something that has to be changed by some Linphone developer that 
has the rights to do

In coreapi/sal_eXosip2_sdp.c, I have to change the line:



pt->clock_rate = (!strcasecmp(mime,"G722") ? 16000 : atoi(p));

in order for the plugin to work. I guess this has to do with this strange 
historical error in the
definition of the RTP payload stuff of G.722...

So please try it out and tell me whether everything is alright.
I'm continuing to find a solution for outgoing calls.


Simon Brenner wrote:
> I just created a separate repository for developing a G.722 linphone plugin.
> Have a look at
> It doesn't run yet but I hope to get it right with your help! You can 
> configure and compile it the
> usual way:
> ./
> ./configure
> make
> make install (as root)
> Or directly download a tar.gz:
> I think there's not much left to do but don't know what yet... The plugin is 
> already loaded at
> linphone startup but isn't shown in the codec list...
> -Simon.
> Simon Brenner wrote:
>> Wait a minute, I think we also have do differentiate between this as a 
>> buit-in codec or a plugin
>> codec, haven't we?
>> If we have it as a plugin it has to be compiled as a kind of own project 
>> which results in a .so / .a
>> library being copied / installed to a possible Linphone plugin folder.
>> If we have it as a built-in codec there are all those steps to be done that 
>> you've already named.
>> So what do we have?
>> -Simon.
>> menno wrote:
>>> Hello Everyone,
>>> I can't compile it succesfully. I add the c files to the
>>> mediastreamer2/src/ , but after configure he don't compile the
>>> all the g722 C files (dont transform them to "lo" & "o" files.
>>> Is there anybody who can exactly describe the steps what i should doing to
>>> add this codec to linphone? The steps of mine didn't work yet succesfully
>>> :(.
>>>> I'm attaching my version of mediastreamer2/plugins/msg722.c
>>>> There is two IMPORTANT things to remmeber about g722
>>>> 1) when building ding SDP the fmt should be G722/8000
>>>> 2) The actual sampling rate should be 16000HZ  but the RTP timestamp
>>> should be based 8000HZ
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Vadim
>>>> On 06/29/2010 01:24 PM, Simon Brenner wrote:
>>>>>> The files from the code from the internet are not directly very
>>> useful, because you should make some config&make files.
>>>>> Yeah, that's right!
>>>>>> Is there anybody who has allready made a G722 plugin (the sama as msilbc
>>>>>> plugin) for Linphone (so that i can compile that first and give some
>>> parameters to the linphone configuration to use them)?
>>>>> I'm actually in the middle of writing a Linphone plugin, but this is
>>> for other reasons. For a start,
>>>>> I took the msx264 plugin code and replaced it by my own code preserving
>>> the needed structure. But I
>>>>> better had had a kind of template or decent guide to do that.
>>>>> Perhaps we can ask Simon Morlat how his approach to writing a plugin
>>> is?? Simon, do you have some
>>>>> kind of plugin template?
>>>>> -Simon.

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