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Re: [Linphone-developers] Enable video and disable FFmpeg causes compile

From: Simon Brenner
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Enable video and disable FFmpeg causes compiler error
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 15:47:54 +0200
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Hi again,

I'm still having the described trouble. Is there any help?
My workaround to comment out the described function call in linphonecore.c 
doesn't seem to be that
good for the whole thing, even though Linphone compiles successfully.

mediastreamer2/src/nowebcam.c seems to be "infected" by ffmpeg code (function 
calls...) which is the
reason I can't reinclude it for compilation in mediastreamer2/src/

Any help?



> Extension to my posting:
> On my ARM system the described circumstances even cause a segfault. Haven't
> tested this on the PC but it'll probably be the same.
> Perhaps in function ms_web_cam_create_reader in 
> mediastreamer2/src/mswebcam.c??
> -Simon.
> Simon Brenner wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm about to build Linphone with video support but without FFmpeg support, so
>> I'm using the flags
>> --enable-video and
>> --disable-ffmpeg.
>> In mediastreamer2/src/ there's a conditional paragraph ("if
>> BUILD_FFMPEG") which decides for a few source files not to be built.
>> My trouble is: The function linphone_core_set_static_picture in
>> coreapi/linphonecore.c calls the
>> function ms_static_image_set_default_image which is defined in
>> mediastreamer2/src/nowebcam.c. But
>> the latter file is excluded from building when I use --disable-ffmpeg.
>> The function is called only in the VIDEO_ENABLED case. But in my special case
>> I have video enabled and just FFmpeg disabled...
>> Is there a correction to this?
>> My workaround was just to comment out the function call in linphonecore.c.
>> Greetings,
>> -Simon.

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