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[Linphone-developers] About the difficulties in making liblinphone-sdk f

From: 08zlou
Subject: [Linphone-developers] About the difficulties in making liblinphone-sdk for iPhone development
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 09:36:28 +0800

Dear guys,

              Hi! Thanks Jehan to upload a new version of linphone-iphone yesterday. It's really a good news to our iPhone App developers about linphone!  I try to make the liblinphone-sdk following instructions from the README file last night. But it  still has some exceptions, such as  "ortp/ permission denied", so I try to replace the ortp by the latest version downloaded from the internet and it works for a while. After several seconds, another exception appears: "eXortp/ permission denied", so I do it in the same way. I spend the whole night on making the liblinphone-sdk, but finally I can't make it successfully because of plenty of exceptions. I really follow the instructions from the README file. It just drives me crazy.
           Comparing to Android development about linphone, there is no this kind of problem about making liblinphone-sdk. My friend who is now working on the Android platform about linphone said that he can download the liblinphone-sdk of Android platform from the website easily, and everything is OK.  I just wonder why it cannot happen to the iPhone development. It can save us a lot of time and make our works efficient.
            I am working for a company on the linphone development on iPhone platform in China now. I think linphone is a great App and I want to make it widely used in China, especially in Beijing and Shanghai.
           So if anyone have the full version of the libliphone-sdk, please check it first and upload it to the website to help us developers work much more efficiently. I will appreciate your great jobs! Thanks very much!


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