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Re: [Linphone-developers] Using MSConf - conference

From: damico
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Using MSConf - conference
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 16:47:48 +0200
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Il 18/06/2010 12:07, Raust Tamatea ha scritto:
Raust Tamatea a écrit :
I'm using mediastreamer2 to receive / send RTP data.
I would like to use the filter MSConf for multiple audio stream. By following instruction, a simple communication between a phone and PC is working. Now I've created a conference but when I don't have any more sound. I've done something like this :

ms_filter_link (stream->rtprecv, 0, stream->decoder, 0);
ms_filter_link (stream->decoder, 0, stream->dtmfgen, 0);
ms_filter_link (stream->dtmfgen, 0, room, 0);
ms_filter_link (room, 0, stream->soundwrite, 0);

ms_ticker_attach (m_ticker, pRtp->m_rtprecv);


MSFilter * room = ms_filter_new (MS_CONF_ID);

With this I can't hear any sound. If I don't use room and directly go to soundwrite, it's okay.
Could you help me ? I can't find any example with audio conferencing.


Linphone-developers mailing list

Thanks for your answers.

There is something I don't understand with msconf and ms_ticker_attach.
I create a conference like this :
ms_filter_link (rtprecv, 0, decoder, 0); ms_filter_link (decoder, 0, dtmfgen, 0); ms_filter_link (dtmfgen, 0, m_room, 1); ms_filter_link (m_room, 1, encoder, 0); ms_filter_link (encoder, 0, rtpsend, 0);

Then I link rtprecv with the ticker :
ms_ticker_attach (m_ticker, rtprecv);

Next I want to link my soundcard :
ms_filter_link (soundread, 0, m_room, 0);
ms_filter_link (m_room, 0, soundwrite, 0);

And when I call " ms_ticker_attach (m_ticker, soundread); " then my problem is that my execution_list contain 3 filters. First attach there is only rtprecv. Second attach, there is rtprecv, soundread and again rtprecv. Is it normal ? Do I have to detach each filter before adding a new one so it will add all the filters ? If I don't do this, then mediastreamer crash because if I detach the first recv the second one is still present but I've already destroyed it in my code.

Any idea ? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.


Linphone-developers mailing list
You can not link a filter to a graph while is running: please link all your filters in the graph and then call ms_ticker_attach() just a for a filter (for instance soundread)



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