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[Linphone-developers] H263 and RFC2190 parsing

From: Sven Westergren
Subject: [Linphone-developers] H263 and RFC2190 parsing
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 12:15:41 +0200

Hi all,


We have been experiencing problems when using mediastreamer2 to call some h263 phones (e.g. Visiontech 8808, Tandberg E20) with minor to severe artifacts and loads of error printouts from ffmpeg h263 decoder. After comparing different h263 stream we have come to suspect that it’s the handling of the rfc2190 header that is the culprit. In the current implementation in videodec.c the SBIT and EBIT fields are not handled, so when packets are concatenated before being sent to ffmpeg bits that should be ignored/stripped are included.


Are there any plans to introduce support for SBIT and EBIT in mediastreamer2 or is it already handled in some other way that we have missed?


Best regards

Sven Westergren

nWise AB

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