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[Linphone-developers] Re: [Linphone-users] [release] linphone-3.3.0

From: Klaus Darilion
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Re: [Linphone-users] [release] linphone-3.3.0
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 12:33:44 +0200
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Am 20.05.2010 11:57, schrieb Simon Morlat:
Hi Klaus,

We do not include amr in our binary distributions, because of license
fees. Our msamr plugin is provided as source only. People whishing to
use and distribute it in binary forms should acquire the license.
The opencore-amr project is apache licensed but warns about this.

Apparently VoiceAge sells amr patent license:

Yes, but buying licenses directly with VoiceAge is very expensive and inefficient. I hoped that somebody knows a company which resells AMR licenses (like Digium does for G.729).



Le jeudi 20 mai 2010 à 10:55 +0200, Klaus Darilion a écrit :

Am 19.05.2010 23:13, schrieb Simon Morlat:
Additionaly, a new plugin is available: it brings support for AMR thanks
to the opencore-amr implementation. You can download it from the
savannah area:

Hi Simon!

Do you know of any options to use the AMR codec legally, e.g. do these
projects (opencore/Android) also offer methods to obtain AMR licenses?


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