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[Linphone-developers] some question about oRTP library

From: Alexander Venin
Subject: [Linphone-developers] some question about oRTP library
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2010 09:51:18 +0300

Hello All !
I am trying to understand how to work with mediastreamer2 library. As an 
example I want to crate simple Voice Over IP application, but I can't 
understand how does it done. I can't find any working sample code to transmit 
data with oRTP library.
Could you explain how to create duplex rtp session, transmit and receive data 
over rtp session with mediastreamer2 api?
Samples (mrtprecv.c, mrtpsend.c) in "oRTP\src\tests\" directory doesn't work.
I try to run these samples with next arguments:
mrtprecv bin 2000 1
mrtpsend <filename> 2000 1
Both samples run at the same PC, but there is no file transfer between them ??? 
(mrtprecv - create file bin0000.dat with zero size). I try to run these samples 
on different PC and have the same result.

All test running under WIN32 platform.

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