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[Linphone-developers] grandstream gxv3000

From: Kelvin Chua
Subject: [Linphone-developers] grandstream gxv3000
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 22:23:28 +0800

been trying to do some interop with grandstream gxv3000.
i know for a fact that the h263 stack of grandstream is very poor. so i am using h.264 for my tests.
compiled everything from source, ffmpeg, x264, linphone. msx264 plugin already shows up in linphone, both for packetization=1
and another one with blank parameters which i assume to be packetization=0.

source code versions are as follows:
x264 core:83 r1400 20fa784
ffmpeg r21566
libswscale r29972

don't know if it matters, my OS is karmic koala

so anyway, i was looking at the code and trying to figure out, why linphone shows the h.264 video streaming from gxv but gxv
does not show the video from linphone. i was speculating that the x264 plugin is not working in single NALU mode as defined in the
RFC or packetization=0.
i then stumbled into the parameter in msx264.c which sets  params.i_slice_max_size=ms_get_payload_max_size()-100;
so that means, a slice is being fitted into 100 less than the MTU which is correct for single NALU mode. i then fired up wireshark 
and was surprised to see no video packets coming from linphone to gxv :( only the 2-way g.711 and the h.264 stream from gxv.

i think this all boils down to x264. i wonder what x264 revision you guys are using in your tests?

Kelvin Chua

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