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Re: [Linphone-developers] gsm support

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] gsm support
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 17:15:50 +0200
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Dear Conrad,

I don't think they intentionnaly compile without gsm. Maybe it's a situation 
inherited from the time where I turned gsm support to be external.
I asked debian maintainers to include gsm in their next package, I'll see 
their answer.
I've also the project of creating a distro-independant binary tarball of 
linphone, such as firefox guys do for their browser. It will consume more disk 
space but at least will provide a solution for people who don't want to go 
through the recompilation nightmare...


Le dimanche 20 septembre 2009 01:14:58, Conrad Beckert a écrit :
> Hi Simon,
> > Internal gsm library is no more supported: install libgsm with apt-get,
> > yum or your favourite tool and run configure. It should detect it and
> > build gsm  support.
> This is what happens. Unfortunately, for most distributions, there is no
>  gsm support out of the box anymore (which is a pity since Linphone has
>  always come with decent codec configuration).
> This is the case because packagers (at least those in Debian and Ubuntu) do
>  not compile using libgsm. So it is not available unless one compiles
>  himself.
> Not good. Speex often sounds really choppy on my Asterisk. Neiter iLBC
>  support is available. PCM is not an option if one wants to have video as
>  well.
> Ways around? I understand that they don't want a dependency of linphone to
>  libgsm. So probably it might be a solution for Linphone to create some
>  plugin framework enabling the end user to optionally install additional
>  codecs later.
> I would have to bake my own version when I finally switch to Karmic. (as I
>  did the last time) Hey - Version 3.2 looks cool- so one might be tempted
>  to do so anyway.
> Greetings
> Conrad

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