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[Linphone-developers] STUN support in linphone 3.0.0

From: v . malinovsky
Subject: [Linphone-developers] STUN support in linphone 3.0.0
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 15:16:50 +0300
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I have a problem with the configuration of the STUN server in linphone 3.0.0. I use the linux command line interface. If I configure the following in .linphonerc:


then I see that STUN is not used during the registration.

So I decided to analyze the source code I found out the following fragment in "linphonecore":

                        /* we no more use stun for sip socket*/
#if 0
                        int mport=0;
                        ms_message("doing stun lookup for local address...");
                        if (stun_get_localip(lc,sock,linphone_core_get_sip_port(lc),result,&mport)){
                                if (!lc->net_conf.nat_sdp_only)
                        ms_warning("stun lookup failed, falling back to a local interface...");

So this clearly explains why STUN is not used during the registration process. I tried to compile linphone with un-commented stun support, but the compilation fails. I also checked the source code of previous versions of linphone (2.1.1) and there (according to the source code) STUN is enabled

When I looked further in "eXosip.c" I found out also the following strange thing, which might have a connection with the disabled STUN support

if (now - jr->r_last_tr->birth_time > 900)
            /* automatic refresh */
            eXosip_register_send_register (jr->r_id, NULL);

So my questions are

1. Is it possible to re-activate STUN again?
2. What is the purpose of these hard-coded 900 seconds?

Thanks & Best Regards,


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