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Re: [Linphone-developers] ortp: changing remote party ip/port during one

From: Petr Kuba
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] ortp: changing remote party ip/port during one rtp session
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 09:39:13 +0200
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Yes, I was also thinking about this possibility but we call rtp_session_resync() from callback for "ssrc_changed" and "timestamp_jump" signals. This should be enough, shouldn't it?


Simon Morlat wrote:
Hum, what can produce is that the second stream has timestamps totally unrelated with first stream. Thus a rtp_session_resync() before receiving the second stream could help.

Le Wednesday 20 May 2009 16:46:13 Petr Kuba, vous avez écrit :
 > Hello Aymeric,
 > What do you mean by "specific control"? And where do you use the code
 > below?
 > We need to handle the following scenario in a SIP call:
 > 1) We send INVITE to a PBX.
 > 2) PBX sends RINGING with session description, PBX is our RTP remote
 > address 3) PBX sends OK with session description, called SIP phone is our
 > RTP remote address
 > It means that first in (2) we start receiving RTP from PBX and then in
 > (3) we need to change it and start receiving/sending from the SIP phone
 > we called.
 > In (3) we call rtp_session_set_remote_addr() but then we do not receive
 > any RTP packets from rtp_session_recvm_with_ts().
 > Of course we use the same port as in (2) but I guess that it is
 > responsibility of ortp to close the socket and open it again. For
 > completeness, we are running on windows.
 > Thanks for help,
 > Petr
 > Aymeric Moizard wrote:
 > > If you are looking for doing some symmetric RTP, there is an API to
 > > allow symmetric RTP to be automatically handled.
 > >
 > > In case, you want specific control, the code below is working for me:
 > > memcpy(&session->rtp.rem_addr, &evt_data->ep->addr,
 > > evt_data->ep->addrlen);
> > but you have to make sure the socket is not bound to the old destination.
 > >
 > > tks,
 > > Aymeric MOIZARD / ANTISIP
 > > amsip -
 > > osip2 -
 > > eXosip2 -

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