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[Linphone-developers] Integrating ZRTP protocol into LINphone

From: Earl
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Integrating ZRTP protocol into LINphone
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 15:58:01 +0100
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The other open source projects integrating ZRTP into their code
will all release a new ZRTP at roughly the same time, e.g. the same
time that Phil releases a new Zphone.  So if there are small burps,
for example a surprise delay, these will be of limited time duration.

There is no reason to suspect that various open source SIP softphones
will have ZRTP version problems since they will all have the same
access to Phil's code and will know *in advance* when Phil will be
releasing the next version of Zphone.  Phil is very open with open
source developers and works closely with them; there is excellent

Because Phil is so co-operative, I do not see any big problems.
I do not see any problems of Simon co-ordinating with Phil, Werner
who is the zrtp4j coder for SIP-COMMUNICATOR, or Michel of TWINKLE
to achieve a quasi-simultaneous synchronization of new ZRTP version

Because LINphone can use a DynDNS host name, it can be used without
STUN, ICE, NICE, or TURN.  Even a symmetric NAT router can use
LINphone P2P, and if LINphone has internal ZRTP, it would be a
*dream program*.

Regards, Earl
....I just am trying to point out that asking an open source project to stay in lock step with something that is in a draft state is a lot to ask for.
Nathan Stratton
Simon, I started this thread asking you to assure the correct
functioning of the external Zphone program.

I would now like to politely ask you to please contact Phil
Zimmermann and tell him that you wish to integrate the ZRTP
protocol into the LINphone code.  Phil could allow you
confidential access to the latest ZRTP builds thereby
permitting LINphone betas to have the latest ZRTP build and
code.  Phil has a good relationship with a number of open
source developers.

Simon, I am assuming that you desire to have excellent security
for voice and video integrated into LINphone.  If not, I am
on a faux piste.

Regards, Earl

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