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[Linphone-developers] Best interoperability Linphone + Zphone

From: Earl
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Best interoperability Linphone + Zphone
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 23:58:56 +0100
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> May want to think about standards based SRTP rather then the Zphone stuff...
Nathan Stratton

I am thinking about open-source standards, which Zphone is ( IETF ).
It is the only protocol that I know of that can resist man-in-the-middle attacks.

I believe the SRTP standard says very clearly in it that SRTP offers zero security.
Wrapping SRTP key exchange inside SSL/TLS offers no security since the
MITM can trivially break SSL.

Only two humans verbally exchanging SAS can detect the MITM, who has
the key to paradise, easily breaching SSL or Zphone's DH key exchange.

Zphone is the way to go for security, not SRTP.


Hi Simon,

I have been trying some tests with Linphone and Zphone from
Phil Zimmermann, but results have not been excellent.

May I ask you to please keep in close contact with Phil so
that Linphone and ZRTP always work optimally together
regardless of Zphone version ?

He will shortly be releasing the next version of Zphone, but
there are delays.

I find that Linphone works very well over NATs by using
fixed IP or DynDNS host name for public IP, under preferences.
Even a symmetric NAT can be traversed.  Congratulations.

Regards, Earl

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