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[Linphone-developers] wrong local address and proxies and routes

From: Nomad Arton
Subject: [Linphone-developers] wrong local address and proxies and routes
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 22:09:19 +0200
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there is a bug reported on the debian version of Linphone 2.1.1 here

two problems I have with that version below; excuse if they are both fixed in the mean time in linphone3.

1) linphone sometimes sends a wrong contact address on multihomed systems. It gets it from connecting instead of the registrar (they may be on different networks!) One may easily fix that by modifying the kernel routing table, eg: "route add tap0" and the local address of tap0 gets used in a registration.

2) even if an outbund proxy is declared in the preferences, linphone connects to the registrar directly, and only later call-invites will be sent through the proxy. so the proxy does not get a chance to rewrite non-routable addresses in the registration.

FIX: the proxy/registrar pane allows for two hosts: "proxy" and "route". linphone should use these to find the local address and also should send the registration through the "route".


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