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[Linphone-developers] new linphone release: 3.0.0

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: [Linphone-developers] new linphone release: 3.0.0
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 17:28:20 +0200
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After months of underground development, a major version of linphone has been 
released today.
Here's the list of new features:
        * new cleaner graphical interface based on Glade/Gtk
        * can run in background as a system tray icon
        * NAT support improved: double registration and STUN for RTP ports
        * fully ported to windows: the new interface works as well on linux 
and windows XP
        * accurate bandwidth management (to let video occupy all remaning 
        * new H264 plugin based on x264 oroject (msx264)
        * automatic call hangup upon media transmission faillure
        * v4l2 cameras bugs fixed
        * win32 sound crackles fixed
        * improved support for cameras on windows

This version is major step in the existence of linphone, I hope you'll like 
it. Many of new developments were triggered by custommers of Belledonne 
Communication, the small company I created to support linphone.

The GUI code is completely new, for that reason all the existing translations 
have to be updated (except english and french that I have made). For all 
others, I invite all translators to review their .po file when they have a 
moment, and send me the updated version so that they can be included into a 
next release.

Best regards,


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