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[Linphone-developers] managing multiple rtp sessions

From: saurabh
Subject: [Linphone-developers] managing multiple rtp sessions
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 12:30:29 +0530

Hi ,

We are trying to use sessionset to handle multiple rtp sessions.
All rtpsession are running in SENDRECV mode.we have 2 sessionsets
to check if the sessions are readable/writable respectively.
The problem is that if we use sessionset,then while recieving the
audio we get audio with silence in between or we get chopped audio.
                        If we dont use sessionset then playing of the audio is 
very fast.I
tried to introduce a consistent usleep of 20 milliseconds but that
doesn't work too.

I have seen the test examples mrtprecv and mrtpsend,but they deal
with rtpsessions of SENDONLY and RECVONLY modes only.

Can someone help me with some examples/links? 

        Thanks & Regards
        Saurabh Nirkhey
        Senior Software Developer 
        Phonologies (India) Private Limited
        Technology Development Lab
        West Wing, Marri Deep,
        M.C.H. No. 12-5-4, Lallaguda,
        Secunderabad 500 017. INDIA.
        Ph:+91-040-2701 8993   Fax:+91-040-2701 8992
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