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[Linphone-developers] which line pops up /usr/bin/bluez-pin for input of

From: 许赵云
Subject: [Linphone-developers] which line pops up /usr/bin/bluez-pin for input of pin code?
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 15:34:16 +0800


when we use "hcitoo cc [mac]",
a windows "/usr/bin/bluez-pin" pops up , and requires us to input pin code for paring.

Now I want to use console for input of pin code, because I want to use it in embedded system which has no GUI.

So I debugged the code to find out which sentence pops up /usr/bin/bluez-pin.
It turned out to be this sentence in bluez-lib-3.30:


int hci_send_cmd(int dd, uint16_t ogf, uint16_t ocf, uint8_t plen, void *param)

  /*****************************here pops up /usr/bin/bluez-pin***********************************************/
    while (writev(dd, iv, ivn) < 0) {
        if (errno == EAGAIN || errno == EINTR)
        return -1;
    return 0;

I don't know why it is this sentence that pops up /usr/bin/bluez-pin.
Can anyone tell me the reason?
And how should I change source codes so that I can use the console for input of pin code?



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