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[Linphone-developers] oss problem.

From: Daniel Dettlaff
Subject: [Linphone-developers] oss problem.
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 01:25:12 +0200

as it is on site in FAQ:

# Q: I have audio problems during calls, what can I do ?
    * A: Especially on ARM-linux or old versions of linux, the audio devices 
are often managed with OSS drivers. Linphone, because it uses full-duplex audio 
and needs low-latency I/O, doesn't work very well with OSS drivers. You should 
prefer using ALSA drivers and choose the ALSA default device from the Sound Tab 
of the property box or using the 'soundcard' command of linphonec.

i'm on debian amd64 with sound blaster live!
yes.. indeed.. i have oss.. but not oss3, but OSS4!
it's more powerful than alsa.. has lower latencies (lower level kernel modules 
instead of kernel modules.. then libs.. and then apps like it is in alsa).. and 
it's 100% full duplex (like alsa) but it works with full quality even on mix 
-alsa cannot do it!..

i'm programming my own communicator based on qt4. i've implemented linphone 
core.. and it seems to work fine..
but i've tested some.. and my microphone does not work with linphone/linphonec 
is there any way.. hack.. or something.. which could make it work?

please help!
i don't want alsa..

Daniel (dmilith) Dettlaff

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