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Re: [Linphone-developers] bug: inc_timeout ignored linphone 2.0.1

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] bug: inc_timeout ignored linphone 2.0.1
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 22:13:39 +0100
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Thank you for the congratulations !
THe inc_timeout setting works for me, I'm a bit surprised. 
linphonec uses ~/.linphonerc while linphone (with gui) uses .gnome2/linphone . 
Maybe you modified the wrong file ?
Concerning the interrop problem with asterisk, can you please send me a log 
running linphone --verbose, and a log from another softphone that does not 
exhibit the problem ?
Did you report the problem to asterisk maintainers ?
Thank you letting me know about pulseaudio. It looks interesting. Linux is 
lacking a simple API for sound access, this one seems to be the good one.


Le Thursday 17 January 2008 16:42:39 Sven Nielsen, vous avez écrit :
> first of all, Congratulations!
> linphone at the moment is the only usable and working softphone under
> linux that supports pulseaudio (throug pulse alsa plugin). This might
> not be so important in a normal desktop setup, however, pulseaudio
> support is essential for using a sip client on a thin client setup with
> a linux terminal server! (The guys at ekiga seem to stubbornly ignore
> this fact.)
> but, for the problems:
> 1)
> linphone 2.0.1 seems to ignore the inc_timeout value set in
> ~/.linphonerc. linphone always sends busy message after 15 seconds.
> 2)
> When connected to asterisk and i click "Hangup" linphone does not seem
> to fully terminate the call. this is a problem when calling for instance
> the asterisk voicemail routine. asterisk creates two channels here, one
> for connection to sip client, and a second internal channel that is
> "connected" to the voicemail routine. this second internal channel will
> not terminate when hanging up the call in linphone. Other sip clients do
> not have this problem, so it seems linphone is failing to send some kind
> of additional information which asterisk needs to recognize the caller
> has actually vanished.
> Please investigate on this since it will create alot of zombie channels
> when linphone is used by many users on a asterisk server.
> Thanks and Regards
> Sven Nielsen
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