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Re: [Linphone-developers] No sound in video call

From: Enrico Benetti
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] No sound in video call
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 10:10:07 +0100
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Also I'd like to ask all other participants of the mailing list if they had similar issues.

Dear Mr. Pretzsch,
I'm working on Linphone rel.1.6.0 on a Freescale ARM platform (with alsa driver) and I've seen same problems with video call: every time iMX starts the video call I've no sound (or few packets) upload.
I've tried to force codec selection but it doesn't solve.
When the caller is linphone 1.7 or a windows binary release on a 686 host the problem can not occur, but often I've got same bug. I've not deeply investigated this behaviour, but note that you have another different configuration facing same problems.
Maybe next weeks I'll let you know.

Am Dienstag 30 Oktober 2007 11:37 schrieb Andreas Pretzsch:
Am Dienstag 30 Oktober 2007 10:55 schrieben Sie:
Hi Andreas,

Your problem makes me think to a mysterious behaviour I have
observed on one machine, where the alsa drivers suddenly stopped to
catpure audio after a few packets sent ( 3 or 4).
Possibly this happend here too, good point.

Similarly, the problem never produces when video is disabled, but I
can't see the relationship between video and audio, since both uses
different threads and file descriptors.
I agree from looking at the code. Maybe some side effekt blocking the
read loop or whatever.

I could never investigate more this problem since that computer was
not mine. Running linphonec -d 6 (to enable logs) would let me
confirm that this is the same problem.
I will dig into it.
But I'll be for three weeks in holiday (USA) from Thursday on, so
this will happen not before end of November.

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