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[Linphone-developers] bug: inc_timeout ignored linphone 2.0.1

From: Sven Nielsen
Subject: [Linphone-developers] bug: inc_timeout ignored linphone 2.0.1
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 16:42:39 +0100

first of all, Congratulations!

linphone at the moment is the only usable and working softphone under
linux that supports pulseaudio (throug pulse alsa plugin). This might
not be so important in a normal desktop setup, however, pulseaudio
support is essential for using a sip client on a thin client setup with
a linux terminal server! (The guys at ekiga seem to stubbornly ignore
this fact.)

but, for the problems:

linphone 2.0.1 seems to ignore the inc_timeout value set in
~/.linphonerc. linphone always sends busy message after 15 seconds.

When connected to asterisk and i click "Hangup" linphone does not seem
to fully terminate the call. this is a problem when calling for instance
the asterisk voicemail routine. asterisk creates two channels here, one
for connection to sip client, and a second internal channel that is
"connected" to the voicemail routine. this second internal channel will
not terminate when hanging up the call in linphone. Other sip clients do
not have this problem, so it seems linphone is failing to send some kind
of additional information which asterisk needs to recognize the caller
has actually vanished.
Please investigate on this since it will create alot of zombie channels
when linphone is used by many users on a asterisk server.

Thanks and Regards
Sven Nielsen

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