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[Linphone-developers] eXosip deadlock

From: alvaro gala
Subject: [Linphone-developers] eXosip deadlock
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 10:03:01 +0100

Hello all.

I still use the old version of eXosip, and I have a strange problem.
My system based on linphone manages severals calls, but testing it with workbenchs, the system fails when  the cid / did of eXosip Library reachs the value ~2000. (this is, the system is only able to hold about 1000 calls).
Then, a deadlock by the eXosip_lock() ocurrs. It Always happens when I reach this id. I have found the places in the library in which eXosip_lock() appears: is in two places, in eXosip.c and udp.c. and since I call the library's functions with eXosip_lock(), the deadlock appears. Something happens in the library and the eXosip_lock never reaches the eXosip_unlock.

Someone can I help me?


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