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Re: Re: [Linphone-developers] Bug and bug-pesticide in session_set_selec

From: Машкин С В
Subject: Re: Re: [Linphone-developers] Bug and bug-pesticide in session_set_select() of oRTP-0.13.1 (multi-duplex-rtp-sessions problem)
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 12:57:46 +0300

Hi, Simon!

> >

> > Heart of session_set_select() bug, I've found, is that

> >

> > sends-event-information OVERWRITES recvs-event-information

> >

> > (if sends arised),

> >

> > and errors-event-information OVERWRITES recvs-event-information

> >

> > (if errors arised).


> How can this be possible ?

> Normally the sessionsets are large enough to contain the maximum number of 

> session allowed. How many sessions do you use simultaneously ?

Sorry, if my description of the bug was not understandable...

May be "OVERWRITES" was not correct word...

(Now, one week after, I saw, that I wrote abracadabra

instead of really clear description of "bug heart" =( Sorry.

Now I'll try to explain the heart of the bug more clearly (I hope =).


As I wrote before, 

> The heart of the bug is (As it seems to me):


> when function session_set_select() is used, it must

>   1.return total number of rcv+send+error events

>   2.reset setted bits in sched->w_sessions,

>     sched->r_sessions sets

>   3.set/reset bits in recvs,sends,errors sets


> but current version (oRTP ver 0.13.1) of

> session_set_select does not correctly work with 

>   3.set/reset bits in recvs,sends,errors sets

As I can see,

[3.set/reset bits in recvs,sends,errors sets]

is devided into two steps:


session_set_and() makes

[3.set/reset bits in recvs,sends,errors sets]

but writes the results only to [temp] variable.



copy these results from [temp] to [recvs],[sends]or[errors].


if session_set_and() returns zero (for example for recvs, recvs!=NULL)

step B) has no place (for recvs),

if session_set_and() returns nonzero (for example for sends, sends!=NULL)

step B) has place (for sends),

so, operation [3.set/reset bits in recvs,sends,errors sets]

is not finished for recvs, but finished for sends.

As my experiments shown, this incomplete operation 

with [3.set/reset bits in recvs,sends,errors sets]

leads to the descripted bug.

That's all...

P.S.: Sorry, again, for incorrect description in the 2nd message.

Hope, the 3rd is correct and more understandable.


Serg Ma.

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