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[Linphone-developers] No sound in video call

From: Conrad Beckert
Subject: [Linphone-developers] No sound in video call
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 00:28:22 +0200


has anybody have an idea what's wrong here or at least a hint on how to fence 
this issue:

I use linphone on Ubuntu 6.10 (Efty Eft). I have an Asterisk server to connect 
to which I use for voice calling and various Windows-Linphone endpoints. No 
problems at all.

My machine on Ubuntu sometimes causes sound problems: As long as I do voice 
calling, everything is ok. Videocalls sometimes come without sound in both 

It is obviously no routing issue as images get transfered with no problems at 
all. Only sound is missing. Sometimes it helps to try again - the 5th 6th or 
something attempt might be successful.

I upgraded from 1.7.xx to 1.99.2 from as I suspected an issue 
with this particular version - no avail (1.99 as Beta is less stable - the 
sound issue continues)

I suspect some codec woes but have no idea how to find out, what's wrong. Do 
you have an idea? Is there a way to trace - to see what happens?

Thanks for help

PS: This is a version (both 1.7.xx. and 1.99) of which the local (mirror) 
images are just funny greem squares. I wonder what's this (got a Philips PWC 
cam, I remember having experienced this before and solved it by a different cam)

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