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[Linphone-developers] RTCP Sender Report bug

From: Nicholas J Humfrey
Subject: [Linphone-developers] RTCP Sender Report bug
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 15:03:06 +0100


I have been using RAT (Robust Audio Tool) and my mast_filecast took (which uses oRTP) together and I have been wondering why it keeps displaying a source called 00000000.

From doing a bit of packet dumping I discovered that oRTP is sending out SR (sender report) packets that report on the SSRC 0x0. The receiver report should be the SSRC of the sender itself instead.


1187354758.777047 RTCP len=116 from=
 (SR ssrc=0xdeb5668a p=0 count=1 len=12
ntp=3396348729.3712754414 ts=3788811598 psent=11840808 osent=2412435480
  (ssrc=0x0 fraction=0 lost=0 last_seq=0 jit=0 lsr=0 dlsr=0 )
 (SDES p=0 count=1 len=15
  (src=0xdeb5668a CNAME="address@hidden" TOOL="oRTP" )

1187357621.776144 RTCP len=104 from=
 (SR ssrc=0x4c7e0a17 p=0 count=1 len=12
  ntp=3396346421.3332298750 ts=1073986028 psent=2527 osent=1647604
(ssrc=0x4c7e0a17 fraction=0.00390625 lost=0 last_seq=0 jit=254 lsr=573653602 dlsr=295977 )
 (SDES p=0 count=1 len=12
  (src=0x4c7e0a17 CNAME="address@hidden" TOOL="rat" )

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