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[Linphone-developers] My process of compiling linphone 160 on windows

From: 吴军(Y2000)
Subject: [Linphone-developers] My process of compiling linphone 160 on windows
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 22:57:44 +0800

Hi, all
Now I am trying to compiling the linphone 1.60 on windows,finally I got the linphone-wx.exe,but
the exe file can\'t be runned successfully.

this is my process log
1.Download and install the wxDev-c++ 6.10.1 from
2.compiled ortp,use
3.compiled mediastreamer.2(no-video)
use win32-novideo/
-DDISABLE_SPEEX, remove the msspeex.c speexec.c //I disable speex in order to build the linphone asap
4.compile exosip
5.compile osip2.2.3,use wxDev-c++ import the vc6 *.dsw of osip2
6.compile linphone-wx with the gsmlib download from web
If I add return function before init linphone_core_new,the linphone-wx can be runned,and I can see the GUI
So I guess the problem is caused by libphone, When I try to debug the exe, the wxDev-c can\'t break the progamme,and often
crash itself,and I don\'t know how to debug the liblinphone.a in wxDev which report can\'t find the symbol cause I am new to

later, I will try to use the liblinphone.dll included gaim to compile the linphone-wx. maybe I should try to compile the linlinphone.a from

really need your suggestion here.

Thank you very much


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