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[Linphone-developers] Porting linphone

From: Adam Parker
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Porting linphone
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 08:55:24 -0700

I am attempting to port linphone to quite a different environment than
anything I have read on the discussions here.  My target platform is
uClinux running on a power pc.  That isn't so special, but the tricky
part comes from the system being run on a Xilinx FPGA board (XUP
virtex II pro, to be specific).  This means that most of the hardware
is simulated on the FPGA, but we do have a pretty stable system as it
stands now.

I have been looking at the instructions for cross compiling to ARM,
and it looks like there could be a lot of similarities.  I plan to
start compiling things this week, but I just wanted to see if anyone
had any good advice or things to look out for as I start working on
this.  I'm sure you'll hear a lot more from me as I get more involved.

Adam Parker

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