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[Linphone-developers] Building on Windows, need help and/or opinions

From: Adrian Kaehler
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Building on Windows, need help and/or opinions
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 14:49:03 -0800


  Hi all,



  So my attempts to build Linphone on Windows are coming along, and up until now without any problems that I could not circumvent one way or another.  I have been able to build all of the libraries that I need (except for ffmpeg!) in visual studio (vs2005) by adapting the available DEV files where possible or just creating the necessary infrastructure on my own.  I now have a vs2005 SLN file which has projects for all of the major components.  I am similarly able to build ogg, theora, etc.  For ffmpeg, those guys don’t really like windows very much, and like the Microsoft compiler tools even less, so that is not too helpful, but I was able to find runtime-linking DLLs and the associated LIB files at a site on the web, and just went with that… it seems to work so far.  So what I have now is liblinphone.lib and some DLLs for the ffmpeg elements.  So far so good.  Now to build linphone itself.


My Problem:

  As I understand it, because Linphone uses the Wx toolkit, I have no choice but to build it in wxDev.  This is not a major issue for me because my ultimate goal is to build a totally different front end than Linphone, but I want to be able to verify that I have liblinphone working before I try that.  So I fire up wxDev, and I go through the usual song and dance, and get all of my include and library pointers pointed to the right place, blah blah blah, and then try to compile.  I am able to compile all of that code, but come link time there are some issues.  Notably, the linker can not fund a lo of files with names like ‘linphone_core_***’ or ‘linphone_proxy_***’ or ‘payload_proxy_***’.  Ok, you get the idea.  Of course, I immediately think “name mangling”.  Since I built the libraries with the Microsoft compiler, one naturally fears mangling when trying to link to code compiled with g++.  But these libraries are all compiling using C naming conventions.  I went in and checked my liblinphone.lib file with a  hex editor to verify, and the names are just the unmangled symbols I would expect.  Can anyone suggest anything that might be causing this?


All help is much appreciated!  Thank you in advance




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