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[Linphone-developers] Building Linphone on WindowsXP

From: Adrian Kaehler
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Building Linphone on WindowsXP
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 15:55:12 -0800


  Hi all,


  I am new to the list, but I am very excited about linphone.  I am very much interested in building Linphone on Windows (I am using XP and MSVS 2005).  I started out with the source code, and tried to figure out how to do this build, and though I am making progress, it is not particularly easy! J  I was wondering if there were others out there who were interested in this topic, and maybe who have made some headway on it – and might be willing to help me out.

  Clearly someone has successfully done all of this, as the downloadable binary form of Linphone for Windows works great. 

  It would be nice to come up with a more detailed “how to” that we could contribute back to to help others in the future as well.


   So if anyone is interested in this, or has some general pointers to help me out, please either mention it on the list, or send me mail directly. 


 Thanks, and nice to meet you all.




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