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[Linphone-developers] bug with oRTP sessions

From: Camille Douine
Subject: [Linphone-developers] bug with oRTP sessions
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 11:18:02 +0100
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Dear all,

my team is working on an application using oRTP stack. We need to launch this application several time concurrently. We noticed that the same UDP port could be bound (using rtp_session_set_local_addr() ) to several RTP sessions, causing some mixing.

I wrote a small program that shows that two sessions can be bound to the same port (see below for the source code and the results).

We would need your help to answer the question : how can we detect if an UDP port is already in use and make sure to bind RTP session on distincts UDP ports?

We are using FC 5 as operating system.

Regards, Camille Douine

*Here is the source :*

   # include <ortp/ortp.h>
   # include <stdio.h>

   int main(){

   RtpSession* session1;
   RtpSession* session2;
   int n,m;


   session1 = rtp_session_new(3);
   n = rtp_session_set_local_addr(session1,"",8357);
   printf("local add1 : %d \n",n);

   session2 = rtp_session_new(3);
   m = rtp_session_set_local_addr(session2,"",8357);
   printf("local add2 : %d \n",m);

*Results :*

   local add1 : 0
   local add2 : 0

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