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RE: [Linphone-developers] head configure errors

From: Kowalski, Francois-Xavier
Subject: RE: [Linphone-developers] head configure errors
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 13:17:01 +0100

strk wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 15, 2006 at 12:27:41PM +0100, Kowalski, Francois-Xavier
> wrote: 
>> I have undergone problems with another software (partysip) which uses
>> specific macros but does not deliver them: it is then un-possible to
>> edit the|ac or, because aclocal lacks the
>> macros definition.  Only ./configure is left possible.  That's a
>> delivery choice: do you want developpers to be able to do some
>> development work based 
>> on "make dist" output, or do you require them to hook to always hook
>> to CVS. 
>> If you go one step forward & remove the macros from the CVS, it will
>> developper's life even harder if they do not uwse the exact same
>> distro as yours.
>> My portability advice is: do not deliver the macros as-is, but rather
>> as an acinclude.m4, but let them into CVS.
> Yes, this is my position too. I'd like to have the macros into CVS,
> which was my original demand. Bring in the intltool.m4 and
> readline.m4 and whatever else is missing... Do you agree on this ?  

Yes, I agree.  Simon?


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