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[Linphone-developers] ARM-linphonec doesn't start: not found ?!?!!

From: Salvador Gianluca
Subject: [Linphone-developers] ARM-linphonec doesn't start: not found ?!?!!
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 17:35:07 +0200

Hi to all the list!
I'm working with an ARM-based system (Omniflash) with Cirrus Logic EP9302 processor. The system is shipped with kernel 2.4 and busybox.
On my host machine I cross-compiled helloworld.c to helloworld.arm, put it into Omniflash via tftp, changed permissions and succesfully executed it with ./helloworld.arm command.
So you can conclude with me that the toolchain works as well as tftp transfer and the command execution.
Thus where is the problem? Here are: i have also succesfully cross-compiled linphone and all dependencies following readme.arm and obtain the /armbuild directory tree:
/armbuild -> usr -> bin, include, lib, libexec, man.
In the usr/bin directory there is the linhonec binary that should be launch to execute the application. Because via TFTP you can transfer only files, i compressed all the tree in a tar archive, transfered it, and decompressed it on board-flash.
So i had a twin usr/... tree in /mnt/FlashMemory/. Exactly the same! Also permissions are correct!
But when i launch ./linphonec i get:
/mnt/FlashMemory/usr/bin # ./linphonec
-sh: ./linphonec: not found
Note that the error is "not found" not something like "wrong file format" or "error while loading shared libraries"
It is very strange and I didn't been able to understand the meaning.
Have you got any idea?
Thanks and best regards,

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