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[Linphone-developers] Issue with snd card writes

From: Grover Vishal-E50370
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Issue with snd card writes
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 18:05:22 -0400

I am integrating my own RTP/SIP engine(not linphone's RTP stack) with
only the codec libraries from mediastreamer and the snd card interface.

I am experiencing problems with snd card write. Here is what happens..

Take GSM codec for example
During read, I read 160*2 bytes from the snd card, convert it into 33
bytes of GSM data and send it. I can hear audio on the other party's
side as well, when I place the phone call.

During write, I get 33 bytes of GSM data which is decoded to 160*2 raw
sound data, but I am not hear any audio. 

I keep hearing hissing sounds, which seem to flucturate depending on the
audio. So it does seem it is getting audio, but  why does it not write
it correctly is still a mystery..

Any ideas or help is appreciated.


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