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[Linphone-developers] *** Building HTML *** : E: end tag for "LISTITEM"

From: Francois-Xavier KOWALSKI
Subject: [Linphone-developers] *** Building HTML *** : E: end tag for "LISTITEM" which is not finished
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 18:51:58 +0200
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is any of you familiar with this HTML generation error? I get it each time I do "make". I have to each time to get things fixed...

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/fxk/CVS/'
*** Building SGML ***
cd . && \
gtkdoc-mkdb --module=mediastreamer --source-dir=../../mediastreamer --main-sgml-file=mediastreamer-docs.sgml
WARNING: Structure has multiple definitions: timeval
WARNING: Structure has multiple definitions: MSFilter
WARNING: Structure has multiple definitions: MSFilterInfo
Cannot parse structure field "#define MS_SYNC_NEED_UPDATE (0x0001) guint samples_per_tick" at /usr/share/gtk-doc/data/ line 222, <INPUT> line 13.
WARNING: Couldn't parse struct:
struct _MSFilter * snd_card_create_read_filter(SndCard *sndcard);
struct _MSFilter * snd_card_create_write_filter(SndCard *sndcard);


int snd_card_destroy(SndCard *obj);

#define SND_CARD(obj) ((SndCard*)(obj))

/* SndCardManager */

#define MAX_SND_CARDS 20

struct _SndCardManager
       SndCard *cards[MAX_SND_CARDS];

WARNING: No declaration found for: ms_filter_remove_link
Cannot parse structure field "\
MSSync *sync" at /usr/share/gtk-doc/data/ line 222, <INPUT> line 34.
73% symbol docs coverage (8 symbols documented, 3 not documented)
See mediastreamer-undocumented.txt for a list of missing docs.
The doc coverage percentage doesn't include intro sections.
touch sgml-build.stamp
*** Building HTML ***
test -d ./html || mkdir ./html
cd ./html && gtkdoc-mkhtml mediastreamer ../mediastreamer-docs.sgml
/usr/bin/openjade:../sgml/filters.sgml:52:20:E: end tag for "LISTITEM" which is not finished
make[3]: *** [html-build.stamp] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/fxk/CVS/'

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