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Re: [Linphone-developers] g_warning vs. vtable.display_warning

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] g_warning vs. vtable.display_warning
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 00:09:11 +0100
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There are internal warnings (g_warning) that you get if you invoke linphone 
--verbose or linphonec -d 6. Those warning should be used for something like 
"pointer XX is null". They do not concern the end user, only the programmer 
for debugging purpose.
And there are public warnings to be displayed to the user using the 
vtable.display_warning(). Invalid sip address are such warnings.
Do I think it's a good idea to keep them separated.

I think it's preferable to test the vtable function pointer before using it, 
in case the liblinphone user application does not implement all calls.


Le Jeudi 26 Janvier 2006 02:43, strk a écrit :
> linphonecore.c contains many invokations of g_warning(msg).
> I don't get those messages from the command line interface,
> and I'm not sure the GUI does in any way.
> Would it be correct to substitute all g_warning() occurrences
> with LinephoneCore.vtable.display_warning() instead ?
> There are already two uses of it.
> One is to warn about UDP port being in use
> and the other about invalid sip address.
> Note that the second one checks for the vtable entry
> to be non-null, while the first doesn't. What would
> the correct way be ?
> --strk;
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