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[Linphone-developers] News Alert

From: Gladys West
Subject: [Linphone-developers] News Alert
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 02:14:59 +0300

Remington Ventures Flips the 1.5 Trillion Dollar Daily 
Currency Exchange Market with new technology. Daily Market Movers Digest Midday Stock Alerts announced: 

Over 794,000 in volume on Friday Jan 6th !
Make this your first buy for Monday Jan 9th! 

We knew once people found out about the amazing new technology RMVN 
has developed they would start climbing, and boy did they ever. 

Remington Ventures Inc. 
Symbol: RMVN 
Jan 4th Open: $0.51 
Last Trade Jan 6th: $1.14
Jan 3rd Volume: 650 Shares 
Jan 6th Volume: 714,000 Shares 
Short Term: (1) week: $2.50-$3.50 
Long Term: $8.00 
Status: Strong Buy 

About the Company 
RMVN has been developing new technology for the past 12 months that will 
change Forex Trading (Global Currency Exchange) for the world. 

What is Forex Trading? 
As a 24 hour market, Forex trading starts in Sydney, and moves around the world 
as the day begins in each financial market, begining with Toky o, London, and 
New Yor k. Unlike any other financial market, investors can respond to currency 
fluctuations at the time they occur - day or night. 

Here is What the Technology Does 
This new software system that automatically renders neural network predictions 
from real time data. The system's neural network input database is designed so 
that the neural net actually chooses the instrument to trade as well as the 
trade parameters. 

A neural network is a software (or hardware) simulation of a biological brain 
(sometimes called Artificial Neural Network or "ANN"). The purpose of a neural 
network is to learn to recognize patterns in your data. Once the neural network 
has been trained on samples of your data, it can make predictions by detecting 
similar patterns in future data. Software that learns is truly "Artificial 

Remington Ventures takes the guesswork out of trading because they pre-train 
maintain the Neural Networks for you. 

So what does this mean for my investment dollar? 

It means this company is on the brink of changing the market itself, and today 
investors recognized it as they began scooping up the shares like crazy. 

Here is what happened with the stock today! 

The market went in a frezy this morning. When the market opened shares were 
being grabbed up like a boxing day sale. yesterday we said the stock would 
to $1.75 in the short term, well it is almost half way there in one day. 

This stock was trading at over $6.00 earlier this year and slowly over 
the months of development on this new technology it dwindled. Now with 
their new launch we are now more certain than ever it will climb back to 
$6.00 and beyond. 

What an exciting day of trading. 
Monday morning will be just as exciting. Early buyers got the highest 
profits when they bought at just $0.51 Wed morning. But the rise is continuing. 
Get in on it before it climbs to our short term estimate of over $1.75. 
You can still double your money this week. 

If you missed our release yesterday go to the RMVN website and read up 
on this amazing new technology. It not only analizes the $1.5 Trillion 
a day FX Market but is able to show trends and tell you what the next 
big mover will be. How amazing is that?!! 

Members if you do nothing else at all in the market this week, get in on 
RMVN before all the bigboys buy it up and push the price out of site. 

RMVN is our BIG PICK, Good Trading To You All!

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