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[Linphone-developers] Re:

From: Augustine Mata
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Re:
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 22:17:17 -0800




Issue: 1006714213984043
DEC 2005
Undervalued Special Situation
Symbol: KKPT
52 Week Range 0.40 - 2.50
Shares Float: 25,000,000
Current Price: $1.60
12 Mo.Target Price $8.70
 Last 5 days gain $ 1.07

Breaking News Alerts!
Up $1.00 Last 7 days
Up $.08 Dec 28th Alone

Big News Expected   Dec  29th 
Value should climb quickly! 
Be ready for the ride of your life, as you
 can see so far 

KOKO Petroleum Issues Update on Drilling Projects in the Barnett Shale and Corsicana

KOKO Petroleum, Inc. to Participate in Barnett Shale Drilling Program

  Petroleum and natural gas production in the Barnett Shale play has been increasing steadily year after year. This is by far one of the most active and prolific gas fields in America right now and as such is garnering a lot of attention all the way from the oil patch to Wall Street. The group that we have joined in this Barnett Shale drilling program is affiliated with one of the major stakeholders in the area with scores of wells already in production. We are very confident in their proven ability to locate the best drilling sites in the area and to efficiently tap the vast gas resources held in Barnett Shale. This project is one of several next steps in KOKO Petroleum's ongoing program to build a diverse portfolio of promising oil and gas properties and prospects. We plan to continue pursuing other promising prospects that should help us build a diverse portfolio with long-term value for our shareholders," says Mr. Ted Kozub, Chief Executive Officer of KOKO Petroleum, Inc

  The Barnett Shale is the largest natural gas play in Texas. It is presently producing 900 MMCF of gas per day and is considered one of the largest U.S. domestic natural gas plays with sizable, remaining resource potential. The first Barnett Shale wells were drilled and completed in the early 1980s by Mitchell Energy of Houston, Texas. According to an in-depth 2004 sector report on the Barnett Shale, developed by Morgan Stanley , the Barnett Shale play is estimated to hold reserves in the non-core area that could be as high as 150 BCF per 1,000 acres. The report estimated that because of the amount of gas available in the area, successful wells in the Barnett Shale should be economically viable in almost any gas price environment. There are 75 rigs currently operating in the area.

KKPT is getting ready to break out. We recommend this as a VERY strong buy.



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