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[Linphone-developers] NEWS FOR linphone-developers

From: Angelina Montano
Subject: [Linphone-developers] NEWS FOR linphone-developers
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 22:51:35

Explosive Sto ck Alert for Friday 12-23-05
Doll Technology Group Inc.
Global Manufacturer and Marketer of "Clean & Green" Products and Technology
Solutions(Source: News 12/6/05)


Price: .16

Huge PR Campaign Underway For Fridays's Trad ing DTGP Can You Make Some
Fast Money On This One?

RECENT NEWS: Go Read The Full Stories Right Now

1)Doll Technology Group Begins U.S. Trials of AquaBoost(TM)

2)Doll Technology Group Announces Strategic Partnership With Land and Sea 
Development to Market BlazeTamer(TM) Fire Retardant Product- Initial Purchase 
Order Valued at Over $1.1 Million

RedBrooks Laboratory, a DTGP subsidiary, is a full service independent facility 
that tests, qualifies and certifies all Doll Technology Group's products and 
services. The laboratory is one of the few government certified facilities for 
the testing of fire suppression systems for the aerospace, maritime, and 
general industries. (Source: News 12/2/05)

Watch This One Trade on Thursday Radar it Right Now..

information within this email contains 4rward l00king statements within the m 
eaning of Sect ion twenty seven A
of the Securities Act of nin eteen thirty three and Section twenty oneB of the 
Secu rities Exch ange Act of
nineteen thirty four. Any statements that expr ess or involve discuss ions with 
respect to predi ctions, exp
ectations, belie fs, pl ans, proj ections, objectives, g oals, assumpt ions or 
future events or perf ormance
are not stat ements of his torical fact and may be 4 rward 1o0king statem ents. 
4 rward looking stat ements are
based on e xpectations, estimates and proj ections at the time the stat ements 
are made that in volve a nu mber
of ri sks and uncer tainties wh ich could cause actual res ults or eve nts to 
dif fer mate  rially from those
p resently anticipa ted.Today's fea tured Compa ny is not a repr ting compan y 
und er the SEC Act of ninteen
thirty four and theref ore there is limi ted inform tion availab le on the com 
pany. As with many micr ocap
st=cks, today's company has dis closable material items you need to consider in 
order to make an informed
and intelligent in_vestment decision. These items include: A nominal cash 
position. it is an operating Company.
The company is going to need financing. if that financing does not occur, the 
company may not be able to
continue as a going concern in which case you could lose your entire 
in-vestment.  The publisher of this
newsletter does not represent that  the informa tion contained in this message 
states all ma terial facts
or does not omit a mat erial fact neces sary to make the state ments therein 
not misle ading.
All in formation provided within this e_ mail perta ining to in- vesting, 
st=cks, securities must
be understood as informat ion provi ded and not in vest ment advice. Remember a 
tho rough due dilige nce  effort,
inc luding a review of a comp any's filings when available, should be compl 
eted  prior to in_ vesting.
The pu blisher of this newsletter advises all read ers and subs cribers to seek 
adv ice from a reg istered
profe ssional secu rities re presentative before deciding to trade in st=cks 
featured within this e_ mail.
None of the mat erial within this repo rt shall be co nstrued as any kind of 
in_vestment advice or solicitation.
Many of these companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. You can lose all your 
mony by inv esting in this st=ck.
The publisher of this newsletter is not a regis tered in- vestment advis0r. 
Subscribers should not view
information herein as legal, t x, account ing or in vestment advice. in comp 
liance with the Secur ities
Act of nineteen thirty three, Section seventeen(b),The pu blisher of this 
newslet ter is cont racted to
receive twel ve th0us and d0l lars from a third party, not an officer, director 
or affiliate shareh 0lder
for the circul ation of this re port. Be aware of an inher ent conf lict of int 
erest resu lting from su
ch compen sation due to the fact that this is a paid a vertisement and is not 
with out b ias.The pa rty
that pa ys us has a pos ition in the st=ck they will sell at any time wi hout 
notice. This could have a
nega tive im pact on the price of the st0ck, causing you to lose mony.Their 
intent ion is to sell now.
All fa ctual inf ormation in this report was gathered from public 
sources,including but not limited to
Company Press Releases. Use of the info rmation in this email cons titutes your 
accep tance of these terms.

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