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Re: [Linphone-developers] Video? Almost working...

From: Michael Frey
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Video? Almost working...
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 08:30:30 -0400


I now have things working. It turns out it was my v4l kernel driver. I now can send and receive video. However there are two issues.

1: Video does not work if behind a firewall -- while audio does. Is there something I can try to fix this?

2: The video packets being received are not quite right. I get many errors from the libavcodec when trying to decode the incomming packets. It is in the h.263 codec. The image on the screen has some of the correct picture but is mostly "garbage".

Could the encode be going wrong? Or the RTP packets not being set up correctly? Does this work for you?


On Oct 27, 2005, at 10:13 AM, Simon Morlat wrote:


It seems you were running linphonec as root, isn't it ?
I recommend not do that with experimental code, it can be the reason why your
machine freezes.
Try as a normal user and see what debug messages you have after that.


Le Mardi 25 Octobre 2005 15:42, Michael Frey a écrit :

Has anyone been able to get video working?

I have linphone built with video support and I get so far as when
launching linphonec I get a video window whith local live video
playback.  (looks great!)

When I attempt to make a call, my machine freezes.  I know Video
support is experimental, but I was wondering if I could make it work

Here is the output from the console:

c sip:address@hidden
Contacting  sip:address@hidden
linphonec> Message:CALL_RINGING

Warning:payload has no rtpmap.
Message:ms_filter_add_link: OssRead,0 -> MULAWEncoder,0
Message:ms_filter_add_link: MULAWEncoder,0 -> RTPSend,0
Message:ms_filter_add_link: RTPRecv,0 -> MULAWDecoder,0
Message:ms_filter_add_link: MULAWDecoder,0 -> OssWrite,0
Message:Opening sound card [UCB1400 (Advanced Linux Sound
Architecture)] in capture mode with stereo=0,rate=8000,bits=16
Message:alsa_set_params:  blocksize=1024.
Message:Opening sound card [UCB1400 (Advanced Linux Sound
Architecture)] in playback mode with stereo=0,rate=8000,bits=16
Message:alsa_set_params:  blocksize=1024.
Message:Setting thread to realtime

Message:Mediastreamer processing thread is exiting.
Message:Video encoder created: 40b1c930
Message:ms_filter_add_link: msv4l,0 -> AVEncoder,0
Message:ms_filter_add_link: AVEncoder,0 -> RTPSend,0
Message:ms_filter_add_link: RTPRecv,0 -> AVdecoder,0
Message:ms_filter_add_link: AVdecoder,0 -> MSSdlOut,0
Message:ms_filter_add_link: AVEncoder,1 -> MSSdlOut,1
Message:Getting video channel ZC301-2
Message:Channel is a camera
Message:A valid video channel was found.
Message:Picture properties: depth=24, palette=4.
Message:Using 4-frames mmap'd buffer.
Warning:ms_filter_search_upstream_by_type: filter AVEncoder has no info. Warning:ms_filter_search_upstream_by_type: filter AVEncoder has no info.
Warning:ms_rtp_send_setup: could not find upstream codec.
Message:Setting thread to realtime

Warning:Must catchup 95 miliseconds.
Warning:Must catchup 90 miliseconds.
Warning:Must catchup 81 miliseconds.
Warning:Must catchup 74 miliseconds.
Warning:Must catchup 66 miliseconds.
Warning:Must catchup 56 miliseconds.
Message:Using yuv overlay.

Thanks in advance,


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