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[Linphone-developers] about linphone-1.1.x branch experimental H.263 vid

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: [Linphone-developers] about linphone-1.1.x branch experimental H.263 video support
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 01:06:07 +0200
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I've worked a lot on video recently and could make a lot of progresses.
It works with H263 only and cameras that have a Video4Linux compatible kernel 

This video support uses the excellent ffmpeg library for the video codecs 
part, and the excellent SDL library for on screen output (with optimized yuv 

You can try it now following this build procedure:

- download ffmpeg from, compile with ./configure 
        --prefix=/usr --enable-shared && make && make install
- download SDL from, compile with
        ./configure --prefix=/usr--disable-static --disable-nasm && make && 
make install

The --disable-nasm is to avoid a known SDL bug with nasm when 
rendering YUV images.

- download lastest linphone>=1.1.x from
and build like this: ./configure --prefix=/usr 
        --disable-static --enable-video && make && make install

Normally it should start by displaying the local view from your camera (should 
be /dev/video0 ) . If no camera is detected, thus it displays stranges 
coloured moving squares (I used this artificial image to do test as I had 
only one webcam).

The H.263 over rtp stuff was contributed a long time ago by some people hired 
by for an old release, and I finally integrated it to the main 

Note there is NO control on the gui concerning video features: it will come in 
the future.

Compatibility with other implementations has to be tested,
I haven't tested with linphonec, only linphone.
I think linphone should work with itself, with other sip video phones it's a 
complete new problem...

I'm interested in any feedback, fixes or improvement you may do.



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