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[Linphone-developers] Your paid_sign_ups are ready

From: tcm2002
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Your paid_sign_ups are ready
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 12:59:46 -0600
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"I had 30 paid_sign/ups this week using a $199 USD
d/base" - Florida

"I've had 117 inquiries and 15 paid_sign/ups this week
from TCM's d/bases" - New Zealand

"I've had a great response and have seen 10 paid_sign/ups
so far and it has only been 7 days" - UK

Would you like to be writing a testimonial for me
next week?

This week alone I am helping over 40 people add many
active, highly experienced mark/eters to their

Last week it was 28 people and next week I will most
likely help more than 50 more people create a great
down/line, group or just ref/errals or orders for
their online_business.


If one of the below describes your situation I can
help you too.

1. Are you finding it hard to get join/ups or people
to buy from your new business?

2. You can't promote or don't like it.

3. Think you are wasting your time?

4. Are you spending more money than you are making?

5. Need paid_sign/ups and or sales within a week or two?

6. Internet mark/eting getting you down?

7. Not making enough?

8. Bought into a business that claimed was "easy"
but now you have to promote like mad?

9. Given up already?

10. Trying to get ref/errals?

Wait. Don't click your "reply_to" button. Please 
only send replies to this email address:

If you need to re/fer people into your business or
get more_orders then you need to contact me and
get started. You won't look back. That's a personal

Send me an email to this address: 

Put your name and URL in the subject line like this
("Name" - "Business URL") plus add it to the message
too. I will check my resources and make a unique
targeted d/base of powerful for your

Using one of my targeted d/bases will make
it easy for you to succ.eed but you have to do a bit
of work yourself to make it really happen.

I've been mark/eting on the net for over "96
months" now and I just made over two_million $USD
in my last month of marketing which was a period
when I started scaling down my activities due to
my health.

During this time on the Internet I generated huge
successful down/lines and d/bases. I have been
involved at the top of many of the largest m/l/m,
netw/ork mark/eting and other programs. 

I was one of the successful mystery mark/eters that
many of the big companies enrolled into their own
top level to rapidly populate others with "explosive
force". I have also created and deployed some of
the most huge successful aggressive email
campaigns ever done on the Internet. 

Even though I have stopped mark/eting due to my
health, once you have bought your d/bases
from me, I am willing to help you write startling
copy for your mark/eting campaign to obtain
the greatest res.ponse possible. 

You cannot be accused of s.p.a.m when mailing to
my d/bases as they are better than "double opt-in"
fresh They cannot possibly create a
complaint ever, providing you use them properly
and do not resell them.

I will also show you how to send your emails
using a method that will deliver 1000 every
60 seconds plus most of them will create a rank
boosting link to your webpage on Google and
Yahoo. This will kill your competition and send
you to the top of the search engines.
When you buy a database from me you can
be assured that no-one is going to have the
same data as you for a remotely similar business.

>From my experience, all my d/bases can start to
deliver you requests, inquiries and jpaid_sign/ups
in as little as a few days after you start sending 
your promotional_emails.

You can place each of your sign/ups manually or
simply send them to your web page and let them
sign_up automatically. You can go as slow as you
want or send everyone to your web page tomorrow. 

If you experience a problem mailing me or get
bounced mail from my email address please call
0044 (0)773-316-3873 or from the USA use 01144 to
get an alternative address.

If you want to request me to terminate mails to
you, please send me an email to:
address@hidden and it will cease from 48
hours. Put "stop345" in the subject line.

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