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Re: [Linphone-developers] Oss driver support

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Oss driver support
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 18:03:49 +0200
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Are you using 0.12.2  or 1.0.1 ? Normally those problems have been solved in 

Le Lundi 28 Mars 2005 08:09, safiudeen a écrit :
> Hi,
> Everyone say linphone works fine with oss sound driver but it does'nt
> work simply.
> I am testing linphone with mips(DB1100 bord running emb linux-2.4.20).
> I am using linphone between DB1100 board  and a  x86 PC ( running on
> redhat 9 with alsa sound driver)
> I can here the audio in put of  PC at DB1100 ( it is very clear and no
> echo or delay),but I could not here the audio input of DB  at PC .
> To solve this problem,I checked the osscard.c, "oss_card_can_read"
> function was always returning  FALSE that's why  application never go to
> read the input.
> I have other the similar setup a labtop (running Redhat 9 with oss sound
> driver- via82xx) and a Desktop PC (running on RedHat 9 with alsa sound
> driver).Here also labtob site resul is same as the DB1100 board.
> I modyfied that function so that it  returns TRUE for what ever
> condtions in this function.Then I was able to recive some noice.After I
> modyfied msossread.c (r-gran= 160 * 2; in "ms_oss_read_start") according
> to mailing list suggesstion, I was able recive audio from DB1100 with
> much echo,delay and noice.
>   I realised the probles is trigering the sound card. Now I changed
> "oss_card_can_read" function backed to it is original code, and add a
> dummy read in "oss_open" in osscard.c, after all initiation, it read
> zero bytes from the card. It triger the sound card ,now the
> ss_card_can_read  function look like works.
> It reduced condiderable noce and delay, but still the echo is there
> audio is not much clear.
> 1) Is it ok to use read function to triger, are there any other way to
> do this ?
> 2) What is the  impact on changing  r->gran=(512*r->freq)/8000 ; to
> r->gran= 160 * 2; ?
>      are there any other value  for  "r->gran=" that can be better ?
> If anyone made the linphone works with oss sound driver via82xx, please
> help me in this reagrds.
> Regards
> Safi
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