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[Linphone-developers] Oss driver support

From: safiudeen
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Oss driver support
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 12:09:48 +0600
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Everyone say linphone works fine with oss sound driver but it does'nt work simply.
I am testing linphone with mips(DB1100 bord running emb linux-2.4.20).

I am using linphone between DB1100 board and a x86 PC ( running on redhat 9 with alsa sound driver)

I can here the audio in put of PC at DB1100 ( it is very clear and no echo or delay),but I could not here the audio input of DB at PC .

To solve this problem,I checked the osscard.c, "oss_card_can_read" function was always returning FALSE that's why application never go to read the input.

I have other the similar setup a labtop (running Redhat 9 with oss sound driver- via82xx) and a Desktop PC (running on RedHat 9 with alsa sound driver).Here also labtob site resul is same as the DB1100 board.

I modyfied that function so that it returns TRUE for what ever condtions in this function.Then I was able to recive some noice.After I modyfied msossread.c (r-gran= 160 * 2; in "ms_oss_read_start") according to mailing list suggesstion, I was able recive audio from DB1100 with much echo,delay and noice.

I realised the probles is trigering the sound card. Now I changed "oss_card_can_read" function backed to it is original code, and add a dummy read in "oss_open" in osscard.c, after all initiation, it read zero bytes from the card. It triger the sound card ,now the ss_card_can_read function look like works.

It reduced condiderable noce and delay, but still the echo is there audio is not much clear.

1) Is it ok to use read function to triger, are there any other way to do this ?

2) What is the impact on changing r->gran=(512*r->freq)/8000 ; to r->gran= 160 * 2; ?
    are there any other value  for  "r->gran=" that can be better ?

If anyone made the linphone works with oss sound driver via82xx, please help me in this reagrds.


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