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Re: [Linphone-developers] new linphone-1.0.0pre3

From: Tobias Gehrig
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] new linphone-1.0.0pre3
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 18:07:56 +0200

here is another patch that enables, at least for me;-), the possibility
to authenticate with the sip proxy of
My problem is that I get call requests, it rings, but when I accept the
call there is no sound just:
        | INFO1 | <udp.c: 2011> This is a request
        | INFO1 | <eXosip.c: 273> eXosip: Reseting timer to 15s before
        waking up!
        LinphoneCore-Message: CALL_ACK
        | INFO1 | <udp.c: 1992> Received message:
        | ERROR | <osip_message_parse.c: 816> Could not parse start line
        of message.
        | ERROR | <osip_event.c: 73> could not parse message
        | ERROR | <udp.c: 2027> Could not parse SIP message
        | INFO1 | <eXosip.c: 273> eXosip: Reseting timer to 15s before
        waking up!
        | INFO1 | <udp.c: 1992> Received message:

Another problem is that I somehow cannot establish a connection myself.
In version 0.12.2 I could specify address@hidden and it worked, but now
it is trying to connect until i abort. And when choosing
instead it gives me after patching a Bad Request (before it crashed).

PS: In the Preferences dialog for sip it should a registration should
not be made when one opens the edit dialog but rather when the ok_button
is pressed in the edit dialog.


Am Freitag, den 15.10.2004, 10:58 +0200 schrieb Simon MORLAT: 
> Hello,
> The pre2 tarball I've uploaded last week didn't compile properly, so 
> I've just uploaded a new 1.0.0pre3 tarball that works for me.
> It brings some improvements, especially for the console version, for 
> which it's no more necessary to write a config file to startup and to do 
> things like proxy registration.
> Enjoy and send me feedback if you wish.
> Still not tested: proxy and www authentication. If somebody can do that, 
> I'll be very pleased !
> Simon
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