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[Linphone-developers] Help: Problem with sip registration using IPv6

From: akkawi
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Help: Problem with sip registration using IPv6
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 23:03:22 +0200
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i am trying to use the osipua for my application for IPv6. when i set IPv4 for the outbound proxy it works fine. But if set it for IPv6, the osipdialog doesn't copy the address, and the address is empty. This happen in the osipdialog in the function "osip_dialog_send_request (OsipDialog * call_leg, sip_t * sipmsg)". The function ua_transaction_get_destination (transaction, &dest, &port) called int the function osip_dialog_send_request returns dest as null pointer. What is the porblem?

Other problem: The current osipua tries to resolve the ip address of the registerar. In case that hostname of the registrar in not reachable from the client side for example by hiding it using the outbound proxy, it return an error. How can i fixed this?

see follow:
osip_ua_set_contact(ua,"sip:[2008:638:201:8000:20c:6eff:fe20:7978]:5090"); osip_ua_set_outbound_proxy(ua,"2008:638:201:8000:20c:6eff:fe20:7978","xxxxxx");
regctx=registration_ctxt_new(); registration_ctxt_set_registrar(regctx,"sip:[2008:638:201:8000:20c:6eff:fe20:7978]:6070");//[2008:638:201:8000:20c:6eff:fe20:7978]:5090");
   registration_ctxt_set_password(regctx, "mypassword");
   registration_ctxt_set_address_of_record(regctx, "sip:address@hidden");

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