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Re: [Linphone-developers] osipua users?

From: Simon MORLAT
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] osipua users?
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 16:30:09 +0100
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Troy Cauble wrote:

Simon MORLAT wrote:

Hello Troy,

Thanks for your patch, it is merged into the main code for the 0.12.2 coming release. I perfectly agree with your considerations about thread- safety of osipua. Osipua is no more developped, and I'm working on replacing it by eXosip, which is safer and more powerfull in terms of sip functionnalities (it will be the 0.13.0 release).



I knew you were working towards that. Unfortunately, I am using osip and osipua in my own embedded UA and will continue to do so because of the more restrictive licenses of osip2 and eXosip.

I have some interesting changes in my version of osipua: re-INVITEs for hold, early dialogs, support for forked INVITE responses, & un-REGISTER support. And more planned: PRACK, UPDATE, session timers, & INVITE w/o offer.

You 've made great work ! That's too bad your embedded UA cannot use GPL software, I'll be glad to see some of those features in eXosip. Anyway once the change from osipua to eXosip is done, I think it would be good to merge your code into osipua cvs, and I can give a developper (rw) access on it.
I guess you'll then become the active maintainer of osipua.

It's too bad those changes won't help linphone.

Is anyone else on the list a user of osipua that won't be moving to eXosip??


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