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[Linphone-developers] ALSA i810 driver at 8KHz

From: Jon Mansey
Subject: [Linphone-developers] ALSA i810 driver at 8KHz
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 09:34:00 -0800

Simon et al

I would love to understand how the issue of 8Khz audio and the Alsa driver
interact. I have an Intel i810 sound chip and the ALSA driver always errors
upon connecting the call when the media layer tries to open alsa at 8KHz.

Is this a limitation of my i810 hardware, or soemthing wrong with ALSA?

Still desperate for a SIP UA under linux,


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To: Simon MORLAT
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Subject: [Linphone-users] new release

I forgot to mention an important thing for all people that try to 
cross-compile linphone on various architecture:
glib-2.2 is no more a required dependency.
You can compile with just libosip-0.9.7 and linphone-0.12.1.tar.gz, and 
you'll get the console version: linphonec.
Of course to obtain the gnome interface, all gnome libraries and header 
files are needed (including glib of course).

Simon MORLAT wrote:

> Hello,
> linphone-0.12.1 is finally released after months of tests . It 
> includes many improvements in terms of stability (most part of the 
> work). Some important bugs in the previous version concerned the speex 
> codec support (not speex itself, because it is very stable and 
> performant). The only new feature is that you can choose the ring 
> sound between several .wav files provided in the package.
> All rings have been composed by me to avoid to pay royalties to the 
> disk industry.
> However it is not forbidden to ask linphone to play a sample of your 
> favourite song, provided that your local legislation allows you to 
> make private copies of the music you buy :-(.
> rpms and tgz for your favourite distribution are welcomed and will be 
> uploaded to the download page.
> Enjoy.
> Simon

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